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1099-R Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a 1099-R?

A: IRS Form 1099-R is an annual statement of disbursements and applicable taxes paid by a retirement plan. Each year, OPERS sends a 1099-R to all retired members who received benefits in the previous calendar year, or any active members who took a distribution of their employee contributions after they left employment with a participating employer.

Q: When are 1099-R forms mailed?

A: Forms will be mailed no later than January 31st of the current year. Please allow for normal delivery time. If you have not received your Form 1099-R by February 15th you may contact OPERS at (800) 733-9008.

Q: Why is the taxable amount (Box 2a) less than the gross distribution (Box 1)?

A: You may have had after-tax dollars in your account at retirement. This occurs if you made after-tax retirement contributions, used after-tax money to make a purchase, etc. This reduces the taxable portion of the total amount, thus accounting for the difference in the two amounts.

Q: Where do I find the amount withheld for federal and state taxes?

A: The amount of federal income tax withheld is located in Box 4 and the state tax withheld is found in Box 10.

Q: What does the number in Box 7 represent?

A: See the back side of copy "C" of your 1099-R form for an explanation of distribution codes.

Q: Box 11 is left blank. What is that number?

A: The number for Box 11 is the same as the Payer's Federal Identification Number on the left side of the form.

Q: Why did I receive multiple 1099s from OPERS?

A: If you received more than one 1099-R form from OPERS, it means you also received a distribution as a beneficiary of someone else's account. You should be able to determine from the amounts which 1099-R is for which distribution, but if you still have questions, contact OPERS.

Q: How do I determine how much was withheld from my retirement for medical insurance premiums?

A: If you had medical insurance premiums withheld from your OPERS benefits, that amount will be clearly marked in the 'Account Number' box on your 1099.

Q: How do I get a duplicate copy of my 1099-R?

A: You may request a duplicate Form 1099-R in writing, by e-mail, or by calling OPERS. Your current mailing address must match our records before a 1099 will be mailed to you. All requests must include your name, OPERS member ID, tax year requested, mailing address, the benefit type, daytime telephone number, and signature. Please allow 10-15 business days to receive your 1099-R.

Q: Can you email or fax my 1099-R?

A: No. To protect your information, and according to OPERS policy, your 1099-R will only be mailed to the address on record. If you have moved, you will need to complete a Change of Address form. 



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