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  • Debt and Its Impact on Retirement Savings

    According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, nearly 82% of baby boomers (ages 55-64) are carrying significant debt loads. What does this mean for your retirement? Quite simply, the dollars going toward debt are not going toward your retirement security. Why are we carrying debt into retirement? (more)

  • Protecting Your Personal Information

    Every account you maintain – bank, credit card, even Netflix – has a unique account number that identifies you as a member. The same is true at OPERS. Every member has a unique identifier and you can find this number on most pieces of communication received from OPERS.Why do you need to know your OPERS Member ID? Historically, your Social Security number (SSN) has served as your primary identification with OPERS. (more)

  • Reviving your New Year's Resolution

    Did you set lofty goals for the New Year only to fall back on old habits? Have your good intentions for a healthy 2017 begun to wane? Your friendly writer finally polished off the last of the holiday sweets, but I’m not waiting for next January to give it another try. Like any goal in life, it is very difficult to achieve a healthy resolution that is vaguely defined. Ambiguous goals, such as I want to lose weight, get out debt, or get organized, quickly fall by the wayside and become goals for next year. (more)

  • Tax Season is Upon Us

    Each year, OPERS sends an IRS Form 1099-R to all retired members who received benefits in the previous calendar year. The 1099-R shows the amount of federal and state tax withheld along with other possible deductions such as medical insurance premiums. (more)

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