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Five Reasons to Make Time for Reading

According to recent research, 44% of American adults do not read a book in a year1. These statistics are startling, particularly with so much other research touting the many benefits of reading. Below are five reasons why you should pick up a book or newspaper, or browse a blog at least once a day.

1. Relax body and mind

Life can be stressful. This is all the more reason to get lost in your favorite book. Reading allows your body to relax. A good book can distract you from your problems and give your body and mind some much-needed time to decompress. Reading is shown to reduce stress levels by 68%2. Subjects in the study only needed to read, silently, for six minutes to slow down the heart rate and ease tension in the muscles.

2. Prevent major illnesses

Staying mentally active by reading or doing puzzles has been linked to lowering the risk of illnesses like Alzheimer’s and Dementia3. Adults who spent their downtime doing creative or intellectual activities (like reading) had a 32% slower rate of cognitive decline later in life than those who did not4. These types of activities stimulate the mind.

3. Become a wordsmith

It goes without saying that reading expands your vocabulary, but it may be more effective than you think. A recent Scholastic report estimates that we learn 5-15% of all the words we know through reading. Reading is one of the best ways for people to learn new words and practice them in everyday conversation.

4. Be laser-focused

It is rare to actually sit down, unplug and read a book in today’s tech-savvy society, but reading trains your body to stay focused and concentrated. And with the average attention span of an American being eight seconds5, we need all the training we can get!

5. Enhance memory

Think about all the times you have read a chapter in a book before going to bed. When you pick that book back up a day, a week, a month later, you still remember the characters, the plot and the action. Exercising your memory through reading can provide tangible benefits in daily life. Just ask the person who loses their keys. So grab that hardback, charge up the tablet, or visit your local library and let the adventure begin!

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Source: National Reading Campaign and CBC Books for the statistics.


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