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General Information

Address Changes

It is extremely important that each member, retired, active or vested, notify OPERS of a mailing address change. Members who change their mailing address must complete, sign and submit to OPERS a Change of Address form. In addition to sending tax information and annual statements, OPERS may send other various materials that are important. For example, if any legislation is passed that directly effects our members, we may not be able to notify members in a timely manner if their address is not current.

Beneficiary Changes

When a new employee is enrolled in OPERS, he or she is required to designate a primary and a contingent beneficiary. The designation of a beneficiary is extremely important because it allows OPERS, upon the death of the member, to transfer a member's accumulated contributions or pay a survivor benefit to a person chosen by the member. Furthermore, in the event of the death of a retired member, a beneficiary designation allows OPERS to pay a death benefit to a person chosen by the member.

OPERS encourages all members to designate adults as beneficiaries. However, the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act permits payments to adult custodians or to banks and trust companies on behalf of minors who are named beneficiary of a deceased member of this System. You must refer to OPERS for instruction to make such a beneficiary designation.

Members may make a beneficiary change by completing the OPERS Designation of Beneficiary form. Your Retirement Coordinator can also provide you with the correct form. The form must be thoroughly and accurately completed, and properly signed and dated. 

For more information about OPERS death benefits, click here.


Changing your insurance or deferred compensation beneficiary does not change your OPERS retirement beneficiary. If you wish to name a revocable trust as beneficiary, contact OPERS for instructions. Additional documents are needed.


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