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Rebecca Catlett Retires After 38 Years with OPERS

Rebecca Catlett to Retire After 38 Years with OPERSLong-time Retirement Benefit Administrator Rebecca Catlett (pictured here with Executive Director Joe Fox) retires after a distinguished career with OPERS that spanned nearly four decades. 

The OPERS Board of Trustees adopted a resolution at their August business meeting commemorating Rebecca’s service and bestowing upon her the first ever honorary title of Retirement Benefit Administrator Emeritus. 

OPERS Trustee Jari Askins stated, “Rebecca is a great example of why we have a strong retirement system, but also why we need a strong retirement system.” 

Rebecca began her career with OPERS in 1978, hired by then Executive Director J.O. Spiller. She served in various capacities and had a part in training five of the last six OPERS executive directors. 

Additionally, Rebecca has helped thousands of members understand their retirement benefits, as well as countless agency personnel navigate the complexities of the retirement system. She is a dedicated and exemplary leader at OPERS, and has performed her duties with the utmost care, integrity and professionalism. Thanks to her extraordinary knowledge and history of the agency, Rebecca is lovingly referred to as “the Oracle of OPERS”. 

"Becky has been a truly dedicated employee who loves helping others," said Joe Fox. "She has been a mentor and friend to all those who worked with her through the years."

It is with great appreciation and gratitude we acknowledge Rebecca's outstanding contributions to OPERS and the State of Oklahoma. The OPERS Board of Trustees and staff wish to extend our best wishes for happiness and health to Rebecca as she enters this new chapter in her life with family, friends, and her beloved corgi, Nugget.

Thank you, Becky! We will miss you greatly.

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