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Email Targeting OPERS Members - Don't Fall Victim

OPERS has identified emails targeting our members and offering a free review of your OPERS (or the Oklahoma Teachers' Retirement System) retirement. This is not endorsed by OPERS or TRS. Do not click on the links in these emails or respond in any way.

The email included a subject line that read: "Understanding your OPERS or TRS Retirement is Critical in a time of Uncertainty..." OPERS is alerting authorities and encouraging all our members to remain vigilant against these types of schemes, which are particularly troubling during this uncertain time. 

Scammers can be very creative and convincing. When it comes to your OPERS retirement and questions you may have about your benefits, contact us directly at 405-858-6737 or visit our website at

Stay alert to all retirement scams. Do not get caught up emotionally and fall victim to a retirement scheme.

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