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A member who retires or terminates employment and elects a vested benefit is entitled to add unused sick leave to all the other service credit the member has accrued. One hundred sixty hours of unused sick leave qualifies as one month of participating service credit. A maximum of 6 months of unused sick leave can be added to a member’s credit.

Hours of Unused Sick Leave Months of Service Credit
0 - 159 0
160 - 319 1
320 - 479 2
480 - 639 3
640 - 799 4
800 - 959 5
960 + 6

If the addition of the member’s unused sick leave causes the total credited service to equal or exceed a fractional year of 6 months, service is rounded up to the next year and the member gains a year of service credit.*






* Note: HB 2321 eliminates rounding for new members after 11/1/2012.

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