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Retirement Coordinator 101

As a brand new coordinator, your roles and responsibilities may seem daunting, but this website will be a good resource for you as you learn your new role or as you get a refresher. Don't forget, you can always contact OPERS if you have any questions.

What are my primary responsibilities as a retirement coordinator?    

  • Enroll new members
  • Contributions & payroll reporting
  • Understanding service
  • Providing information and corresponding with OPERS
  • Keeping members informed

Where can I go for help?

Don't forget to keep good records.

OPERS and our members have a long-term relationship. It would be very difficult for anyone to remember every detail about every employee over the span of 30-40 years, so it is critical you maintain good records for your employees. Not just for right now, but for your successor, as well.

Many times, OPERS will request missing information from you, so please keep these records as accessible as possible. This may mean investigating where your predecessor stashed those old files. Remember to never throw any employee information out; you never know if we will need it 20 years down the road when your employee retires.

Thank you for all you do as an OPERS coordinator!




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