The 2.5% Step-Up Program allows members to increase their retirement benefits by paying an additional member contribution each pay period. Currently, the additional contribution is 2.91% of your compensation and is subject to change.
The additional Step-Up contributions are used to increase the computation factor when benefits are calculated. The standard retirement benefit calculation for most OPERS members uses a benefit computation factor of 2%. The Step-Up will increase your computation factor to 2.5% on full years of participating service you accrue after your election to participate.
Keep in mind, this election is binding on all future participation in OPERS, including a change in position, a break in service, or returning to OPERS participating employment after retiring or having withdrawn retirement contributions from previous periods of employment.

Not all members are eligible for the 2.5% Step-Up, and those who are should weigh many factors before making this irrevocable election.

For more information about the program, click here to download our Step-Up brochure.