As a public employee, honorable service is a condition of both your employment and your receipt of any employment related benefits. Title 51 of Oklahoma Statutes, Section 24.1 provides, among other things, for forfeiture of your retirement benefits if you are convicted of a felony or other crime which violates your oath of office. Forfeiture also occurs if you plead guilty or nolo contendere. Benefits will not be forfeited if you successfully complete a deferred sentence, however, you may not be eligible to receive benefits while you are serving the deferred sentence.

Forfeiture applies to all benefits accrued after September, 1981 but does not include your employee contributions to this System. The statute prevents vesting of your right to receive retirement benefits if you commit certain offenses prior to your retirement. However, benefit forfeiture can also occur after you retire if the offense occurred while a public official or employee, even if you are not convicted until after you retire.