Forms Commonly Requested

Do you need to update your information or request something from OPERS? The most frequently requested forms are provided for you below to download and complete. If you have trouble accessing these files, you may need to update the free Adobe® Reader available on the Adobe Website.

We are excited to offer several of our most common forms as an Online Form. These forms will open in a new window to be completed online saving you a stamp and paper. Your signature will be verified by email. The form will not be submitted to OPERS until you have verified your signature. Contact us if you need a paper version or have trouble completing the form.

Service, Benefit and Information

Benefit and Service Calculations (515-135A-21)
Online Form: Complete this form to request a benefit calculation, accounting of service credit, or withdrawal payback. Use the Withdrawal Payback Calculator to estimate the cost before completing this form.

Application for Military Service (515-167-22)
Use the Military Service Purchase Calculator to estimate the cost of purchasing your military servicer before completing the application.

Online Form: If you want retirement service credit for military service, you must complete this application and submit it to OPERS with a copy of your DD214 indicating honorable discharge and clearly showing dates, types, and places of active service in addition to this form.

Transport Service Out Request: Oklahoma Teachers’ Retirement System (515-135B-21)
Online Form: Complete this form to start the process of transporting service to the Oklahoma Teachers’ Retirement System.

Member Information or Document Request (515-135C-21)
Online Form: Complete this form to request a statement of your accumulated contributions, income verification letter for current retiree, or 1099-R reprint.


Divorce Benefit Valuation Request (515-135D-21)
Online Form: Complete this form to request OPERS calculate the value your benefit during the term of your marriage. This information may be needed to prepare a divorce settlement or QDRO.

A divorce will void the designation of your spouse as your beneficiary. Once a divorce is final, complete a new Beneficiary Designation form, dated after the date of the divorce decree, designating a new beneficiary. You may choose to keep your former spouse as your beneficiary. You must, however, complete a new form dated after the date of the divorce decree, renaming your divorced spouse.

Update My Information

OPERS Change of Address Form (515-160-20)
Online Form: Complete this form to update your contact information. This form will also update your SoonerSave account, if applicable.

OPERS Change of Name Form (515-160N-22)
Online Form: Complete this form to update your name if you are a retired, vested or withdrawing member.  Active members (employed with an OPERS employer) need to complete a name change through their employer’s payroll office.

Personal Email Submission or Change
Online Form: Complete this form to provide or change your personal email address.

Beneficiary Designation Forms
OPERS maintains multiple versions of the Designation of Beneficiary form for retired, active, and vested members. 

Withholding Preference Certificates
Online Form: Retired members may complete this form at any time to update their tax withholding based on Federal Tax Withholding Tables and Oklahoma State Tax Withholding Tables.

Direct Deposit Authorization (515-132-10) 
Call the OPERS office to request the direct deposit form.

Leaving employment

OPERS Retirement Application
Online Form: Ready to retire? This digital form has six sections that will ask you to upload or provide information. You can save a draft of the form to finish later. Instructions and how to videos are provided.

URSJJ Retirement Application
Contact your retirement coordinator to start the retirement application process.

Vested Retirement Benefit
If you have separated and have at least eight years of service you may have a vested benefit. Vesting means you have met the minimum service requirement to earn a future retirement benefit. While vesting happens automatically, you will need to apply for retirement once you reach retirement eligibility.

Withdrawal Application
Call the OPERS office to request the Withdrawal Application.

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