The Medicare Gap Benefit Option allows most OPERS members who are under age 65 at retirement to make an irrevocable election to temporarily increase the amount of their monthly retirement benefit. The increase is intended to help pay health insurance premiums, which are typically higher before Medicare eligibility at age 65. However, after age 65 there is a permanent decrease in the monthly benefit amount to offset the pre-65 increase.

The Medicare Gap Benefit Option amount for 2021 retirees is $277.00.

If you return to work for an OPERS participating employer after retiring and electing the Medicare Gap Benefit Option, you will not be eligible to waive receipt of your monthly retirement benefit and retire a second time.

For complete information about retiree insurance rates, contact the following:

For State Employees: EBD, (405) 232-1190 or (800) 219-8115.
For Local Government Employees: EGID, (405) 717-8780 or (800) 543-6044.