OPERS retirement benefits are funded through member and employer contributions and the investment earnings on those contributions. You participate in OPERS by contributing a percentage of your salary each pay period into the retirement system. Your employer also pays a contribution to help fund your benefit.

State Agencies

Contributions for state agencies and their employees are given below.

Employee Employer Total
3.5% 16.5% 20%

Local Government Employers

Members who are employed by local government employers must contribute between 3.5% and 8.5% of their annual compensation. The local governments pay between 11.5% and 16.5% of the employee’s compensation. The total local government employer and employee contribution must equal 20%. Each government entity designates as policy how much the employee and employer pays within the given ranges.

Employee Employer
Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
3.5% 8.5% 11.5% 16.5%
NOTE: If employer contributions are paid more than 30 days after the monthly due dates, they are subject to a late charge of 3% of the unpaid balance.

2.5% Step-Up Program

The 2.5% Step-Up Program allows members to increase their retirement benefits by paying an additional member contribution each pay period. Click here for more information about the Step-Up program.
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