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This site does NOT provide access to personal financial information of members or benefit recipients. However, through our link to a separate site, Great-West/BenefitsCorp Account Access, members that participate in the SoonerSave/Deferred Compensation Plan may access some of their account information with a special password assigned by Great-West/Benefits Corp.

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Privacy Notice

OPERS strives to protect the confidentiality of information contained in a member’s file. Though it has long been the practice of OPERS to avoid discussing personal information over the telephone, our aim is to provide accurate and timely information that meets the needs of our members. In an effort to be flexible in this regard, some information may be discussed over the telephone with members. Those members must verify their identity by providing accurate confidential information when asked. The caller must provide information that is consistent with the member’s information in our computer records to verify his or her identity. OPERS staff members may decline to provide information in any instance where they feel there is a confidentiality risk, or if the caller does not sufficiently verify his or her identity.
Certain member information will be disclosed without the member’s consent if requested in writing for a specific purpose. The disclosed member information may include:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Amount of contributions paid
  • Benefits being paid (and verifying documents)
  • Amount of credited service (and verifying documents)

All other information related to a member, as kept in his or her retirement file, shall be kept confidential unless the member has consented in writing to its release. Any information in a member’s retirement file is subject to subpoena or court order.

In all written correspondence to OPERS, the member must provide:

  1. A full name
  2. An OPERS member ID
  3. The employer the member works for
  4. A current mailing address
  5. A signature

As required by Oklahoma statue, OPERS gives notice that it securely stores personally identifiable data and only shares it as required by law.