Pathfinder Seminar Series

You’re invited to attend these special online events. Chad Guest, your Pathfinder Retirement Plan Counselor is here to help you understand the resources available to you and how to use them to help prepare for your retirement.

Each hour-long meeting includes a 30-minute presentation and time for questions. Register prior to the online seminar to ensure you have the login information ahead of the meeting. You are welcome to attend multiple events.

Dates coming soon.

Pathfinder Seminars on Demand

Seminars are available by request for participating agencies. Pathfinder offers a variety of different educational opportunities in order to provide members with the information and skills they need to manage their retirement savings. A list of seminar topics is provided below. To request a seminar, contact Chad Guest at (405) 323-6359 or email
Seminars topics include:

  • Approaching Retirement
  • Asset Allocation
  • Budgeting
  • Distribution Options
  • Enrollment
  • Financially Fit
  • Increasing Deferrals
  • Investment Fundamentals
  • Market Volatility
  • Steps to Help You Manage Risk
  • Tax Credits
  • Web Presentation

For more information about Pathfinder, please visit the Pathfinder website at

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