Thank you for assisting OPERS and your employees as a retirement coordinator. Whether your role is new or you need a refresher, this website is a valuable resource. It is our hope that your questions will be answered here, but if not, please contact us as we are your partner and resource.

What are my primary responsibilities as a retirement coordinator?

  • Enroll new members
  • Contributions and payroll reporting
  • Understanding service
  • Providing information and corresponding with OPERS
  • Keeping members informed


Where can I go for help?

At OPERS, we maintain long-term relationships with our members, which involves vast amounts of information. You must maintain complete records for your employees. After all, it is impossible to remember every detail about an employee for 30-40 years. Your files affect your work as well as the work of those who come after you.

Records need to be accessible in the event OPERS requests missing information. On occasion, you may need to search your predecessor’s old files. Remember, never throw away any employee information. You never know if we will need it 20 years down the road when your employees retire.

At OPERS, we appreciate the relationships we have with our coordinators. Thank you for helping us make the retirement process an easier one for you and your employees.

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