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Insurance Topics For State Employees


Steps to Take

Continuing insurance coverage after retirement is a big concern for most of our members who are planning for retirement. This section of the OPERS website provides general information about how a member’s retirement benefits and insurance coverage relate to each other. The information provided is limited, so you should seek the advice of the Insurance Coordinator in your organization and contact the Employees Group Insurance Division (EGID) well in advance of your retirement date.

The following information is only for those retiring immediately after terminating employment. If you are terminating your employment and will not immediately receive OPERS retirement benefits, contact the Insurance Coordinator in your organization and EGID for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.Can I continue my insurance coverage with EGID during retirement?
A.Yes, provided the necessary paperwork is properly completed and timely submitted to EGID.
Q.Will OPERS help pay for the cost?
A.OPERS will pay up to $105 toward an eligible retiree's health insurance premium each month. This is for the retiree ONLY and not for dependents. OPERS will not continue to pay up to $105 if the member does not continue coverage with EGID.
Q.How much does it cost to continue my insurance coverage?
A.EGID makes these rates available on their website in PDF format. NOTE: These rates do NOT reflect the $105 contribution from OPERS). Click here to go to EGID's website for the rates.
Q.What do I need to do to continue my insurance coverage with EGID?
A.There are just a few steps to take to continue your insurance coverage with EGID. See below.
Q.Do I have to keep my insurance coverage with EGID during retirement?
A.No. However, if you do not continue health insurance coverage with EGID, OPERS will not pay the $105 contribution.
Q.If my insurance premiums are more than my retirement check?
A.You must be billed directly each month from EGID. Contact them to set up the process before you retire.


Steps to Take

In order to continue your insurance coverage during your retirement complete these steps:

1. About 90 days prior to your retirement date, contact the Insurance Coordinator in your organization. Ask for the Application for Insurance Coverage for Retirees. This form will allow you to continue your insurance coverage into retirement. Carefully complete the form with your Insurance Coordinator. Contact EGID if you have any questions.

2. You or your Insurance Coordinator must submit your insurance forms to EGID no later than 30 days prior to your retirement date.

3. If you retain health insurance with EGID and your premium is greater than $105 dollars per month, the difference can be deducted from your OPERS monthly retirement benefit. To do so, complete Part 6 of the OPERS Retirement Application. During your retirement EGID will tell OPERS how much to deduct for insurance from your monthly benefit. The deduction will occur automatically. Any corrections that need to be made to your insurance premium deduction will be made through EGID.

4. Make sure your OPERS Retirement Application is properly completed by you and your Retirement Coordinator and is in the OPERS office in Oklahoma City at least 60 days prior to your retirement date.

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