The 2.5% Step-Up program allows you to increase your OPERS benefit by paying more each pay period. Currently, the extra contribution is 2.91% of your compensation. This rate could change in the future.

Step-Up 2.0% to 2.5%

OPERS calculates your benefit using a formula with a computation factor of 2.0%. When you pay more with Step-Up, we will use a higher factor of 2.5%. The higher 2.5% rate only applies to full years of participating service earned after starting Step-Up.

The additional Step-Up contributions are used to increase the computation factor when benefits are calculated. The standard retirement benefit calculation for most OPERS members uses a benefit computation factor of 2%. The Step-Up will increase your computation factor to 2.5% on full years of participating service you accrue after your election to participate.

Keep in mind, once you join in Step-Up, you are always in the program. You cannot stop or pause the added Step-Up contribution. You will keep on paying into Step-Up even if you change positions or return to work in the OPERS system after a break in service, retiring or taking a withdrawal.

Not all members are able to take part in Step-Up. Before enrolling, you should weigh the many factors that may impact your lifestyle.

Our Step-Up brochure has more information about the program.

Front page of 2021 Step-Up brochure
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