Retirement from an OPERS-participating employer means you have reached a certain age and will start receiving your OPERS benefit. But, that is only one piece of your retirement story. Decisions you make throughout your life fill in the gaps to complete the picture. National Retirement Security Week starts on October 21 this year and is a great time to review your whole retirement plan, set goals and assess your progress.  

You may find your OPERS benefit only supports part of your retirement plan. Consider participating in a 457 Deferred Compensation Plan, such as SoonerSave, or other retirement savings plan if offered by your employer. Start by contributing amounts that maximize employer matching, and then gradually increase your contributions every year. Making savings a priority and periodically reviewing your progress can put you on a path to complete your whole story for retirement.

Your Whole Story



Early Years

0 – 20 Years

We build friendships, learn how to learn, and push beyond our families. We look out the windows of our schools and dream of the things we will do and the lives we will lead.


21 – 64 Years

We fall in love with our careers, our towns, and our families. We choose our paths, and build our nest eggs. We work hard to provide for our needs, and we work smart to provide for our retirement.



65 – ∞ Years

There’s a good chance we’ll spend as much or more of our lives in retirement as we did working. But these are not the shuffleboard years. They’re years of sports, travel, exploration, new careers, and making our dreams come true.

Where are you in your story? 

Your Whole Story


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