Barney Kaminsky is OPERS’ new Director of Information Technology. He will be taking over for retiring I.T. Director Garry McCoy who has been at OPERS nearly 6 years. Mr. Kaminsky has been an I.T. professional for many years serving as a software engineer, developer and manager for companies such as LexisNexis and TRW. He is joining the OPERS staff right away and will be able to work with Mr. McCoy before his retirement.

“OPERS was looking for a new I.T. Director who was a talented programmer with management experience,” said OPERS Executive Director, Tom Spencer. “Barney Kaminsky has what we need and has enormous experience in the private sector and as a federal contractor. We are quite happy to welcome him to our team here at OPERS.”

Kaminsky has a computer science degree from the University of Central Oklahoma and lives in Oklahoma City.

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