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Pre-Retirement Seminar

Pre-Retirement Seminar BookletThe OPERS Pre-Retirement seminar is our most popular seminar. The seminar reaches about 1,000 members each year. The seminar is available to help our members plan for retirement. Click here to read what some of our members are saying about the Pre-Retirement seminar.

An electronic copy of the Pre-Retirement Seminar booklet is available by clicking here.

Here are some of the topics addressed in the seminars:

  • Retirement Eligibility
  • Application Process
  • Retirement Options
  • SoonerSave
  • Returning to Work
  • Taxes
  • Medicare Gap Benefit Option
  • Insurance After Retirement (EGID)

To register for a Pre-Retirement seminar, call OPERS at 1-800-733-9008, or in the Oklahoma City metro area, 858-6737. The demand for these seminars is high. For this reason, you may not get in a seminar as soon as you would like. We make every effort to accommodate as many members as possible.

When you call to register, please be prepared to provide your name, address, OPERS member ID, employer, home and work phone numbers.

Pre-Retirement Seminar Schedule and Videos

Click the links below to view the Pre-Retirement Seminar schedule and video series.  The four, short videos provide a brief overview of our live seminars. These videos provide a good introduction to various issues, but should not substitute for attending the more in-depth live seminars held around the state.

Seminar Schedule

Video Series



Retirement Readiness Seminar

OPERS is now offering a new seminar in conjunction with the Pre-Retirement Seminars - Retirement Readiness. This new seminar is designed to help members gain a better understanding of the common issues and concerns faced by retirees. Typically, the Pre-Retirement Seminar is scheduled for the afternoon, and this new course is being offered as a supplemental session in the morning at each Pre-Retirement Seminar location. Click here for more information on the Retirement Readiness seminar.


Last Revised - July 18, 2018

For more information on the OPERS Member Education offerings, please visit the links below.

Financial Fundamentals - Establish your own financial plan and get moving in the right direction toward retirement.

Retirement Readiness - Evaluate how ready you are for retirement.

Pre-Retirement Seminar - Get the details and specifics on the OPERS retirement process.

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