Part of new OPERS Video Library

OPERS is pleased to announce its first venture into providing online video content. The Pre-Retirement Seminar is the first in a set of planned presentations to provide greater access to important information to members and participating employers.

Historically, the Pre-Retirement Seminar has been offered as a person-to-person presentation conducted around the State since the late 1990s. The program has received great reviews from members and retirement coordinators, and those group meetings will continue.

The videos were created to provide greater access for members to obtain this information in a convenient format. The full seminar has been broken down into shorter segments focusing on:

  • Eligibility – When can I retire?
  • Retirement Options – What payment options are available to me?
  • Process and Timeline – What do I have to do to get the process started, and when?
  • Taxes and Returning to Work – How are taxes handled, and what if I choose to go back to work after retirement?

We hope you share our enthusiasm for the videos and find them informative and easy to understand. Click here to view the Video Library page on the OPERS website.

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