Helping to answer the questions, “Am I ready for retirement?”

How we define “ready” for retirement is very unique to each person. Why we retire; when we retire; and even where we retire is up to each person to answer for themselves. There is no one right answer for everyone, but this seminar will help you to start asking the right questions and evaluating how ready you are for retirement.

This seminar is designed for employees who are about 5-10 years away from retirement; however, this information is beneficial even for those much further away from retirement. A frequent comment on this seminar is, “I wish I had this information 20 years ago!”

An electronic copy of the workbook is available by clicking here or on the cover image below.

This two-hour seminar will discuss: 

  • What does it mean to be “ready” for retirement.
  • How will my life be different in retirement.
  • What will I need financially in retirement.
  • How long do I need to plan on my retirement lasting.
This seminar is available on demand for our OPERS employers, contact OPERS if you are interested in hosting a seminar at your office.
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