OPERS has two forms to provide tax withholding preferences for federal and state taxes.

If you do not file IRS Form W-4P, OPERS is required by law to withhold federal tax as if your filing status is single with no adjustments in Steps 2 through 4.

If you do not file a Oklahoma state withholding preference, OPERS is required by law to assume you are married and claiming three allowances for state taxes.

Tax Withholding Tables

The Federal and State Tax Withholding Tables calculate income tax on employee wages . OPERS has extracted specific pages, however, full publications with tables can be found at:

Federal: 2024 Publication 15-T (irs.gov)

State: 2024 Packet OW-2 (oklahoma.gov)

Federal Tax Withholding Tables

State Tax Withholding Tables

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