If you return to work for an OPERS participating employer after withdrawing contributions, you will begin your new job as a new OPERS member. This means you will start with no service credit and be under the plan rules based on when you were most recently hired.

However, you may restore your service credit, if eligible, through a withdrawal payback. This will also move you back under the rules in place as of your earliest period of intact service with OPERS. To be eligible to pay back a withdrawal you must be actively employed with an OPERS employer and meet eligibility requirements for membership.

Cost to Reinstate Withdrawn Service

You must repay OPERS the sum of your withdrawn contributions plus interest at 10% per year. The payment may be in a lump sum, rollover from a pre-tax plan, or through a payroll deduction for up to 60 months (see Installment Payment Plan).

Repayment of withdrawn contributions may be made one time only*. Any further withdrawals cannot be repaid.

Withdrawal Payback Calculator

This calculator provides an estimated cost to repay withdrawn contributions and reinstate service.  Contact us if you are unsure of the date or amount of your withdrawal.

To proceed with the purchase, complete the form for Benefit and Service Calculations. OPERS will calculate the exact cost and provide payment options.

This calculator uses a future payment due date based on typical processing times. The actual cost may be greater to account for additional interest accrued through your actual payment due date.

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