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  • Reminder For You and Your Loved Ones

    There are so many things to do and remember when a loved one passes away. There are accounts to close, agencies to notify, and death benefits to claim. As a member of our retirement system, when you pass away, OPERS should be near the top of the list to be notified. (more)

  • Tulsa Pre-Retirement Seminar Canceled

    The Tulsa Pre-Retirement seminar scheduled for Thursday, February 7th has been canceled due to hazardous weather and road conditions. Our next Tulsa seminar will be on Thursday, March 21st.  We will do our best to accommodate all those interested in attending the March 21st seminar. (more)

  • Delaying Social Security Benefits

    At OPERS, we talk a lot about the “four-legged chair”, or the four sources of retirement income you need to replace your current income. The two primary sources people rely on the most are employer-sponsored retirement plans like OPERS and Social Security. The other two legs being personal savings and investments and working in retirement. Did you know you have the option of postponing Social Security to increase your benefit and help fill income gaps in retirement? (more)

  • Taxes and Your Retirement Benefit

    The beginning of the year is the perfect time to review your finances, specifically your taxes. Your retirement benefit is considered income for tax purposes and a Withholding Preference Certificate is available to change the amount of taxes withheld from your retirement benefit. (more)

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