House Bill 2458
(Rep. Lepak and Sen. Montgomery)

This bill affects OPERS and URSJJ members and has been signed by the Governor. This bill is effective November 1, 2021.​​​​​​​ The following points summarize the bill:

  • Deletes the requirement for a spouse’s signature for an Option B survivor benefit which is 100% of the member’s benefit to the survivor upon the member’s death.
  • Deletes the requirement for OPERS to send reports to LSB. The reports are sent to the Speaker, President Pro Tempore, Governor, and Chief Justice.
  • Allows staff to notify the board of special meetings via email.
  • Amends the numbers of trustees required for a special meeting to eight.
  • Amends a section dealing with the existing language of the calculation of “final average salary” for part-time employees who were hired on or after July 1, 2013. The definition of “final average salary” changed from the high three years to the high five years out of the last 10 years. (OPERS)
  • Allows OPERS staff to release 1099s to fiduciaries who are filing taxes on behalf of the deceased member.

Information on past legislation is available at: Legislative History

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