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Financial Fundamentals

Establishing the building blocks of a solid financial planFinancial Fundamentals Workbook

In this course, you'll learn basic financial management skills that help you productively and confidently reach your goals.

This two-hour seminar is designed for employees ages 25 – 50 and just beginning to put a financial plan together. However, this is very important information regardless of your age, and it is very helpful for those serious about preparing for retirement. Whether you are just starting your first job or knocking on retirement's door, EVERYONE needs to be practicing these financial fundamentals.

An electronic copy of the workbook is available by clicking here or on the image to the right. For additional resources, also see the links at the bottom of this page.

What you’ll learn in this two-hour class:

  • Evaluating your current financial situation.
  • Understanding how your everyday choices can shape your net worth.
  • Defining and prioritizing your S.M.A.R.T. financial goals.
  • Exploring methods for reducing debt and controlling spending.
  • Establishing a savings target for retirement.

This seminar is available on demand for our OPERS employers, contact OPERS if you are interested in hosting a seminar at your office.

Additional Resources:

Net Worth Exercise
S.M.A.R.T. Financial Goals Exercise
Budget Spreadsheet - Example 1
Budget Spreadsheet - Example 2
Retirement Financial Planner
Home Inventory Checklist (Oklahoma Insurance Department)
Where to Find My Important Papers

Note: Also see resources listed on page 33 of the Financial Fundamentals workbook.


Last Revised - October 26, 2018

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Financial Fundamentals - Establish your own financial plan and get moving in the right direction toward retirement.

Retirement Readiness - Evaluate how ready you are for retirement.

Pre-Retirement Seminar - Get the details and specifics on the OPERS retirement process.

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